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Gemstone Color Enhancement

Sterigenics' Electron Beam and Gamma plant in Thailand is well known for its gemstone color enhancement expertise. It is conveniently located near Bangkok, one of the world's largest gemstone cutting centers.

Gem Colorization Gemstone Irradiation Gemstone Color Enhancement Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, Diamond, Enhancement

Radiation processing can substantially improve the color of gemstones such as topaz by creating changes in their crystalline structure.

High-energy electron beam processing can duplicate colors only nature could otherwise
provide. White topaz, for example, becomes Sky Blue and London Blue topaz transforms to
Swiss Blue when treated with Electron Beam.

Gamma radiation is used to not only enhance the color of topaz, to create “Rich Cobalt Blue” topaz, but tourmaline, and other precious gemstones, as well as the full spectrum of colors in quartz.

Sterigenics can provide:

Professional advice on the irradiation dose, and heat / time requirements, to provide the color
required, for stones from mines all over the globe.

Irradiation processing

Heat application

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