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Gamma Irradiation

Characterized by deep penetration and low dose rates, gamma radiation effectively kills microorganisms throughout the product and its packaging with little temperature effect. Even high-density products such as pre-filled syringes can be processed and used with confidence.

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Package integrity and efficiency

Given the penetrating nature of gamma radiation, permeable packaging materials are not

Since there is no requirement for pressure or vacuum, package seals are not stressed.

Simplicity, reliability and immediate release

With gamma radiation time is the only variable requiring control, so the possibility of deviation
is minimal.

As soon as the delivered dose of radiation is verified, products may be released for shipment.

No residuals, no radioactivity

Gamma rays are pure energy. They do not create residues, nor do they have sufficient energy
to impart radioactivity.

Advancing the state of the art

ExCell®, the world's first, and only, high-precision irradiator. No other gamma sterilization cell
processes products as quickly and accurately, while maintaining delivered doses to within
±10%. Available in North America only.

CompactCell™, the high-precision irradiator for the European market.

GammaStat® service. Move to the head of the line when you absolutely, positively must have
sterilized product stat - guaranteed!

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