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Food Safety, Consumer, and Commercial Products

Food Ingredients, Spices, Dry Herbs, Dehydrated Vegetable Seasonings, Cosmetics, Pet Foods, Closures, Bulk Liquid Liners, Packaging, and Restoration Products

Sterigenics is a world leader of high-quality micro-organism-reduction services. Offering options of gamma, electron beam, and ethylene oxide fumigation technologies, Sterigenics will advise on the most appropriate technology and processing parameters for food products and packaging based on regulations in various parts of the world.

Cosmetics, Microbial Reduction Food Safety, Shelf Life Extensions Animal Pet Food Safety Packaging, Consumer Safety

Food Ingredients, Dry Herbs, Dehydrated Vegetable Seasonings, and Spices

Irradiation provides great solutions for pathogen reduction of many food ingredients. Ethylene Oxide provides solutions for many spices and gamma sensitive products. Sterigenics will recommend and provide a custom pathogen/bacteria reduction program tailored to the product, taking account of local regulatory requirements.


Often formulated from a blend of natural and chemical components, health and beauty aids (HBAs) may not pass microbial testing and/or become contaminated. Irradiation is a proven and safe method to eliminate the bacteria and allow cosmetics to be safely distributed. Sterigenics can assist customers with several different product types using irradiation to reduce microorganisms in HBA ingredients and applicators.

Sterigenics can provide suitable processes for products such as:



Other Raw Materials

Cosmetic Packaging and Novelties


Food Packaging, Bulk Liquid Liners, Closures

Irradiation of empty packaging is considered to be a manufacturing process and is not covered by regulation, other than those regulations that pertain to the suitability of packaging materials in general.

Sterigenics offers irradiation services for:

All types of food packaging requiring near sterility assurance

Bulk Liquid Liners

Closures and containers used for many bottles filled with liquids

Pet Treats, Pet Foods, Animal Food, and Agriculture

Irradiation will effectively reduce bacteria and other harmful pathogens in animal feeds, pet foods, and pet treats, making them safer for the pet and its human family owners.

Sterigenics provides a range of processes to control, and where necessary eliminate, microbial contamination including salmonella in animal feeds. Applications include:

Animal protein feed components

Plant protein feed components, including dog chews

Feeds and bedding for laboratory animals

Bird Seed for wild and pet birds

Restoration Products

Irradiation will effectively reduce molds from products that have been exposed to water and moisture

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