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Ethylene Oxide Sterilization

Sterigenics provides advanced Ethylene Oxide (ETO) sterilization processing to ISO11135 standard at 18 facilities in 8 countries in North America, Europe and Asia. With this worldwide network, capacity is available close to the point of production or distribution, providing flexibility and reduced logistics costs. As the same Quality System is used at all facilities and ‘equivalence’ can be shown between many sterilizers, rapid transfer and validation is possible, to meet unexpected demands. This means:

Traditional processing using pre-treatment, sterilization through a range of different sized
sterilizers, and aeration.

Advanced sterilization using CyclEOne® technology where sterilization is achieved all in
chamber, no pre-treat and no aeration.

Parametric Release of product to eliminate the use of Biological Indicators (B.I.’s) to increase
speed of release to market.

Processing cycles designed to minimize residuals regardless of the product or materials used
to reduce cost.

Validation support is available from Sterigenics experts, from product review, through cycle
development, the validation protocol, test piece selection, cycle running and reporting.

When a demand is instant, EOStat® is the service that puts you right at the front of the queue -

For hospitals Sterigenics provide SurgiCycle®, the state-the-art, back-up sterilization program
for reusable surgical instruments.

As a contract sterilization services supplier, using all the major sterilization processes, Sterigenics can provide the best sterilization process, to the highest standards, cost effectively, for your product from a choice of locations around the globe.

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