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Electron Beam Radiation (E-Beam)

Characterized by its low penetration and high dosage rates, electron beam (E-Beam) radiation is a form of ionizing energy that performs best when used on low-density, uniformly packaged products.

While most materials manufactured for use in sterile healthcare products are formulated for radiation stability, some materials - certain polypropylenes, for example - experience less breakdown and long-term aging effects as a result of E-beam's shorter exposure time.

E-Beam radiation is widely used to modify plastic and other materials to change or enhance their properties.

Sterigenics can provide:

E-Beam Sterilization Services and Materials Modification in the USA, Europe and China

Polyolefin Resin Modification

High speed, high capacity accelerators

No waiting, no post-sterilization testing – all products are released dosimetrically

Full process development and validation services for easy adoption to E-Beam

Do you need electron beam processing fast?

Sterigenics provides a rapid process service - ElectroStat®

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