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Advanced Applications

Sterigenics Advanced Applications provides radiation processing services and professional support to
clients within a number of markets. Radiation processing uses ionizing energy in the form of electron
beam or gamma radiation to beneficially alter the properties of such everyday materials as polymers,
power semiconductors and gemstones.

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Sterigenics Advanced Applications provides:

Contract radiation processing services by Electron Beam (EB) or Gamma Radiation for:

Power Semiconductors

Polymer Modification

Gemstone Color Enhancement

Radiation Resistance and Hardness Testing

Cosmetic Materials

More than just radiation processing...

Often, more than just radiation dose is needed to deliver the final properties our customers demand.
Sterigenics Advanced Applications, with nearly 40 years of experience and professionals in the fields
of industrial radiation processing, understands this, and works closely with our customers to provide the
complete solution - not just the radiation.